Improving NSX GUI user experience

Working with NSX on different environments I found that the vSphere Web client could work slowly. After hearing others users complains about those problems, I decided to write some tips for improving the overall user experience.

Fist try to login with local default user: administrator@vsphere.local; if this work faster than an LDAP user then please try to switching from using user@domain to domainuser.

  1. Increase the java memory limit for vCenter. The following VMware published KB article offers more information on how to do that:
  2. Install the Client Interaction plugin. You should see the message on the vCenter login page:
client integration plugin

client integration plugin

3. Increase the local storage settings on the Flash Player will also speed up the web client.
Adobe have online tool to view and change the local storage setting:

Flash Storage Settings panel

Flash Storage Settings panel


Note: if the PC you are using to connect to vCenter does not have access to Internet this Adobe link will not work. Thanks to Micha Novak and Yaniv Yaakov (my team colleagues) for this tip.

When we load the Web Client in the blue Screen try to fast “right click” on your mouse, then click on the Settings button.

Flash Storage Seeting1

Swipe right the scroll bar:

Flash Storage Seeting2

4. Remove idle sessions from you vCenter

vCenter idle session

vCenter idle session

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One comment on “Improving NSX GUI user experience
  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the insight on this as its two years later and there are some parts for the NSX plugin that are still painfully, if not unusably slow. A perfect example is the NSX EDGE Firewall sorting and scrolling. Doing the search funtions and even scrolling lags with greater than 20 rules set. Confirming the above settings are all in place, the lag is still there. Has anyone else found a good answer to this specific area on the Edges? I have opened a ticket with Vmware and was suggested to confirm DNS lookups for vcenter and NSX appliance both forward and backward. That did improve performance only slightly, but not up to production quality. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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