Month: November 2014

NSX-V Troubleshooting registration to vCenter

TweetIn the current NSX software release, the NSX Manager is tightly connected to the vCenter server in a 1:1 relationship. During the process of coupling the NSX Manager to vCenter we have two different initial steps: the configuration of “Lookup

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Upgrade NSX-V, The right Way

TweetDuring November I was the opportunity to take NSX advance bootcamp with one of brilliant PSO Architect in the NSX filed, Kevin Barrass This blog was based on Kevin lecture, I add screenshots and my experience. Upgrade NSX can be

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Troubleshooting NSX-V Controller

TweetOverview The Controller cluster in the NSX platform is the control plane component that is responsible in managing the switching and routing modules in the hypervisors. The use of controller cluster in managing VXLAN based logical switches eliminates the need

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