Month: December 2014

NSX Edge and DRS Rules

TweetThe NSX Edge Cluster Connects the Logical and Physical worlds and usually hosts the NSX Edge Services Gateways and the DLR Control VMs. There are deployments where the Edge Cluster may contain the NSX Controllers as well. In this section

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NSX-v Troubleshooting L2 Connectivity

TweetIn this blog post we describe the methodology to troubleshoot L2 connectivity within the same Logical switch L2 segment. Some of the steps here can and should be done via NSX GUI,vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 and vRealize Log Insight,  so see it like

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Working with NSXv API

TweetNSX RESTful API allow to interact with NSX manager, read the state of the NSX and change configuration. Some of NSX task can only be done via API and not GUI. The protocol using to communication with the NSX Manager is

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NSX-V IP Discovery

TweetThanks to Dimitri Desmidt for feedbacks. IP discovery Allow NSX to suppress the ARP message over the logical switch. To understand why we need IP Discovery and how its work we need some background regard ARP. What is ARP (Address

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How to pass VMware VCIX-NV Certification

TweetFew hours ago I received this email: I don’t need to tell you’re how man face can change so fast after open this kind of email J I would like to share with you my impression about this exam. Total

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TweetThanks to Francis Guillier Max Ardica and Tiran Efrat of the overview and feedback. One of the most important NSX Edge features is NAT. With NAT (Network Address Translation) we can change the Source or Destination IP addresses and TCP/UDP

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