How to pass VMware VCIX-NV Certification

Few hours ago I received this email:

VCIX Email

I don’t need to tell you’re how man face can change so fast after open this kind of email J

I would like to share with you my impression about this exam.

Total time for this exam is 4 swatting hours built from 18 Task.

Its real Labs cover most of the feature you can find in NSX.

  1. The Lab run over nested environments.
  2. The Lab work so slow, it can drive you crazy during the exam.
  3. Some task related to other task.
  4. It’s including Troubleshooting steps. Some of them very difficult
  5. You need to wait few days to get your results (in my case it take 24 hours)
  6. During the exam you can write your comment and give feedback


The skills need to pass this exam cover different role in the IT: Network, Security and Virtualization.

I’m done few 8 hours labs in my lifeJ, I think VMware is on the right regard the Certification NV tracks.

My recommendation for people trying to learn for this exam:

Read my VCIX-NV Page, I will update this page from time to time.

Run over and over the HOL Labs.

Try to break and Fix HOL labs to be prepare to TSHOT in VCIX-NV exam.

You can find other blogs for VCIX-NV