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NSX Dual Active/Active Datacenters BCDR

TweetOverview The modern data center design requires better redundancy and demands the ability to have Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) in case of catastrophic failure in our datacenter. Planning a new data center with BCDR requires meeting certain

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Asymmetric routing with ECMP and Edge Firewall Enabled

TweetWhat is Asymmetric Routing? In Asymmetric routing, a packet traverses from a source to a destination in one path and takes a different path when it returns to the source. Start from version 6.1 NSX Edge can work with ECMP

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NSX Edge and DRS Rules

TweetThe NSX Edge Cluster Connects the Logical and Physical worlds and usually hosts the NSX Edge Services Gateways and the DLR Control VMs. There are deployments where the Edge Cluster may contain the NSX Controllers as well. In this section

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TweetThanks to Francis Guillier Max Ardica and Tiran Efrat of the overview and feedback. One of the most important NSX Edge features is NAT. With NAT (Network Address Translation) we can change the Source or Destination IP addresses and TCP/UDP

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NSX Load Balancing

TweetThis next overview of Load Balancing  was taken from great work of Max Ardica and Nimish Desai in the official NSX Design Guide: Overview Load Balancing is another network service available within NSX that can be natively enabled on the NSX

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VMware NSX Edge Scale Out with Equal-Cost Multi-Path Routing

TweetThis post was written by Roie Ben Haim and Max Ardica, with a special thanks to Jerome Catrouillet, Michael Haines, Tiran Efrat and Ofir Nissim for their valuable input The modern data center design is changing, following a shift in

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