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vExpert 2015

TweetIt is a great honor to be selected as vExpert for 2015. My blog focus only in VMware NSX-v and reflect my passion to this product. Thank you at Congratulations to all the 2015 vExperts

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VMware is a new entrant to the Data Center Networking Magic Quadran

TweetSummary Data center networking requirements have evolved rapidly, with emerging technologies increasingly focused on supporting more automation and simplified operations in virtualized data centers. We focus on how vendors are meeting the emerging requirements of data center architects.   ++

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NSX traffic flow

TweetThis presentation show short intro to NSX and demonstrate Traffic flow of NSX product in unicast mode with Summary. The lab used for this demo is HOL-SDC-1303 from vmware. This video recorded at 10/2013 when i work at Bynet before

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Join to VMware Professional service’s team

TweetI’m really excited about a new chapter in my career, Next week I’ll start working on VMware, which is one of the best companies in the world. My new role will be part of Professional service’s team , with more

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