NSX-v Troubleshooting Links

This NSX-v Troubleshooting Links built from all previous blog post

NSX-v Hands-on Guide_v1.0_Public

Installation and Host Preparation:

Register NSX-v Manager to vCenter

Deploying NSX Controller

Host Preparation

Slow web vSphere GUI


Teaming Policy


Troubleshooting NSX-V Controller



Understand ECMP

ECMP Firewall Rules


Load Balancing

DRS Rules


L2 Connectivity


Distribute Firewall

My vCenter is blocked by NSX distributed Firewall



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5 comments on “NSX-v Troubleshooting Links
  1. Dumlu Timuralp says:


    Can you put L2VPN as well ? 🙂

    • roie9876@gmail.com says:

      I have better idea, why don’t you write this and i will post it with your name, what do you say pal ?

  2. Edwin Ma says:

    Hi ! Roie

    Do you have some experience of restore NSX Manager backup file to a configured NSX Appliance ?
    After such kind of restore, the NSX Manager backup/restore session are stick with error ” . Exception occurred while taking backup. ( Another backup/restore operation is in progress ). “.
    How to recover the NSX Manager backup/restore configuration ?

    Thank you for your help !

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